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Join an exclusive group of 10 successful entrepreneurs and professionals in our flagship immersive pitch retreat to craft and deliver your ultimate pitch to get what you want in business, career and life!
Do You Want To...
  • Successfully get buy-in from your investors and stakeholders?
  • Have a proven methodology to structure your message in an impactful way?
  • Convey a complex message in a concise, clear and understandable manner?  
  • Present with confidence and authenticity in front of any audience?
  • Gain trust from your stakeholders and build credibility to become the preferred partner?
  • Grow your winning mind-set that is able to convince and persuade any audience?
  • Enjoy lasting transformative results through a unique immersive learning experience? 
If you said YES to the above, then Ultimate Pitch Experience (UPX) for you!
Save Time On Trial & Error
Stop wasting time reinventing the wheel. Learn a proven pitch formula from a world-class trainer that has helped many people successfully raise funds and get green lights, and start taking your project or business to the next level!

Get Confident & Competent
Say goodbye to nerves and stage fright. Discover your unique strengths & weaknesses and practice until mastery in a safe environment to deliver your pitch like a pro anytime, anywhere to any audience

Achieve Maximum Results
Stop being a face in the crowd. 
The exclusivity ensures a highly personalised experience with maximum focus on your case. Grow faster by growing together with a high quality, pre-selected peer group that will give you continuous honest, priceless feedback

"In just 3 days you get clarity, competence and confidence to deliver your pitch"

"This experience is really going to change your mind and your life"


“I’ve attended many seminars and events and I’ve never seen anything like this before. You’re really going into the deepest levels of finding yourself, finding your business, and it’s really going to transform your business and yourself for the better”

Valeria Vinclair, MBA
Owner of Intelligent Millionaires Network Switzerland
  • ​Shifted your mindset and feel great about pitching your idea anywhere at anytime
  • Clarity in your message that appeals to your audience and investor’s mind 
  • ​Crafted an impactful and memorable pitch using a proven pitch formula that has raised millions 
  • Prepared for the Q&A and how to close the best deal 
  • ​Mastered your Powerful Presenter Formula to deliver your pitch with authenticity and confidence 
  • ​Developed an action plan to fill any gaps in your due diligence 
  •  Mastered your pitch after practicing it in a safe environment
  • ​Transformed yourself and your business because of amazing new discoveries
  •  Built amazing relationships and memories with your peers
  • ​Be fully ready to deliver your winning pitch! 
  •  And so much more!
Messages Received Weeks After UPX...
"I've attended many top-notch seminars before and UPX definitely matches that same world-class level!"
"I closed 2 big deals within 3 weeks after UPX, because I could communicate in a different way!"
"This was the best training I've had in my life. A GREAT thanks for this life- changing experience! Really, I deeply mean it!"
Mateusz Swist, PhD, MBA (Germany)
Engagement Manager at the world's largest Management Consultancy
Susanne Rey (Germany)
Founder Susanne Rey Consulting
François Capel, PhD (Switzerland)
Senior Development Scientist at Fortune 500 Company
Learn. Share. Perform.
Program Outline
Wednesday Evening
Welcome apero from 19:00

  • Arrival at Malaga or Gibraltar Airport
  •  Our arranged airport transfer brings you directly and comfortably to the villa and/or nearby accommodation
  • Enjoy a welcome apero & light dinner at 19:00 to settle down, network with the group, and get a good night's rest in your private room
DAY 1, 2, 3
Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Thursday & Friday: 8:00 - 19:00
Saturday: 8:00 - 21:30
  • Get a pitch mind-set, learn  our proven pitch framework, do lots of practise and intense exercises to craft and deliver your ultimate pitch
  • ​Prepare for your Q&A, closing the deal strategies and your inner Powerful Presenter formula
  • Learn from and network with your peers to build lasting relationships
Sunday Morning
Latest departure at 12:00

  • Enjoy a healthy breakfast after a good night's rest
  • Bonus session with complementary content from a Live Guest Speaker
  • Airport transfer to Malaga or Gibraltar Airport
One Month Later
Online Video Call

  • Virtual Reunion with the group to catch up
  • Input, updates, feedback from the group to help you on your next steps
  •  Q&A with Angela for your current situation
This was exactly what I needed. It was always my stress to go out and pitch to investors. Now I really feel: YES, I can do it! I would really recommend everybody to join!”
Cédric Vinclair
Senior Managing Partner at Vinclair Investment Partners

Our Amazing Event Venue:
About Your Trainer

Angela Go is a Fortune 500 Executive Coach & Trainer, Serial Entrepreneur and Innovation Expert who previously worked for Nestlé, Siemens, Philips and MSD. 
She is also an award-winning public speaker, who speaks on international stages and prominent business events, and has shared the stage with Calvin Klein, Randi Zuckerberg and many more. 

Angela co-founded the successful innovation & intrapreneurship program that induced a company-wide cultural transformation at Nestlé – helping teams raise millions of funds along the way. Gartner Research praised the program as ‘a prime example of successful bimodal innovation at large corporations’ . 

Her unique, high-energy, immersive training style, sharp eye for detail and strong people focus ensure maximum impact and results time after time, testified by countless raving reviews and testimonials from her students and clients.

“You just get attracted by her positivity, by her energy, by her power! She’s such a great trainer, a professional and also a great human being. I knew she would provide so much value to me by coming here to this experience”

Susanne Rey
Founder at Susanne Rey Consulting

Only 10 spots available per event*!

Make sure you Apply Now to secure your seat!
*We pre-qualify every applicant through an individual consultation session to ensure the quality and synergy in the group
Frequently Asked Questions
Who should come to UPX?
No matter if you are a start-up, professional, executive or seasoned entrepreneur, pitching is a key skill that will determine your success in business and career. If you want to present your product/service, case or project with impact, power and influence to a specific target audience, UPX is for you. Especially if you struggle to express your message with clarity and authentic power in a stand-up presentation setting, UPX will greatly help you to unveil your core message and inner powerful presenter to get what you want in business, career and life! 
Why would I come to UPX instead of a classroom pitch training? 
At UPX you achieve maximum acceleration of learning and growth, because you stay fully immersed for 3 days in a beautiful villa with world-class facilities, away from your daily distractions of work and family. The exclusivity and diversity of the group at UPX ensures maximum individual attention and great synergy between the highly qualified participants. Lifetime relationships are built as you go through the intense learning and growing experience together. UPX is not just a training, but a truly life-changing experience with lasting impactful results ! 
How do I confirm my spot?
We want to ensure the highest quality of the group to provide the highest value to our participants. After you fill out the inquiry form we will contact you for a 1:1 consultation call to ensure UPX is a good fit for your needs. During this call you can ask all your questions and decide whether or not to participate. Your seat is only secured and confirmed after payment in full of the participant fee. 
How much is the UPX participant fee?
Every year we tailor the program to offer the highest quality experience specific to the profiles of new unique group of participants. The fee for UPX therefore fluctuates every year. Please fill out the form below to get a 1:1 consultation call to ensure that UPX is a good fit for you. If this is the case, we will inform you about the pricing for the upcoming UPX event. 
Can I bring my spouse or partner to UPX?
We believe support from your spouse or (business) partner is very important. Therefore, we decided to offer 1 ticket at a reduced price per UPX ticket for your spouse or (business) partner. You will work together on the same pitch during the course, share your room in the villa (in case you have a room at the luxury property) and share the 1:1 session. In other words, you will move through UPX as 'one unit'. In case your spouse or (business) partner wants to enjoy the full individual experience, we advise to purchase a separate UPX ticket. 
What if I cannot make it to the UPX event that I signed up for?
Since we highly value every qualified UPX participant, your UPX ticket will be valid for 2 years after purchase. If you cannot make it to the next UPX, you can still use your ticket to participate in any future UPX event within the validity period. Even if the participant fee for that specific UPX event is higher, you can still participate without paying extra fees
Yes, schedule a free consultation session with me to discover if UPX is a great fit! 
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